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Village is a real-time strategy game for the PC that immerses the player into the role of an entrepreneur building companies to bring prosperity to the villages of the third world.

Village Mission
Village exists to get people addicted to third world development and to let social entrepreneurs show off their brilliant solutions to extreme poverty.

Village Game Play
Fly over a rural third world village. Watch farmers tending to their crops, villagers buying and selling goods in the town markets doing what they can to survive extreme poverty. Select a villager to see what income, education, and tools they have. Then decide what to provide: microcredit, solar panels, irrigation pumps. Watch as farms flourish, villagers build new homes, and schools grow larger with healthier children. Win over the hearts of your people as you transform this forgotten place into a vibrant sustainable icon of development done right.

Village Evolution
2006 – Starting as a prototype collectible card game and board game, Village team commenced development of the realtime strategy demo.

2007 – From demo completion in first quarter 2007, Village team gets major round of funding to go to market with a single-player casual download.

2008 - Building on earlier success, Village evolves into a multiplayer online realtime simulation inspiring an international social/professional network of entrepreneurs.

2009 – Village launches the first tournament simulating a real village in Kenya. Winners receive cash prizes to go to Kenya and build their village for real. Transformational gaming is now a proven concept.

2010 – Village, fully funded and established success, launches several more products; online collectible card game, a reality TV show: “Pimp My Village”, and a web-portal for launching new ventures in developing nations: “Village Remote”.

Competitive Advantage: Established networks for viral distribution
The greatest competitive advantage of Village is the tie to reality. Because Village is dealing with real problems and real solutions there are thousands of NGO's and for-profit enterprises that benefit from exposure inside the game and therefore compels them to help market the game. Organizations such as Ashoka, Kiva, and Kickstart benefit from seeing this game reach a wide audience as it brings awareness and donations to their cause. Companies providing tools to the poor advertise inside Village so that missionaries and aid organizations choose their tools for their development projects.

Strategic Timing: Reality is hot!
The hottest trend in TV is reality TV and transformational TV: Pimp my Ride, Extreme Makeover. The hottest trend in movies is geo-political: Syriana, Crash, An Inconvenient Truth. The time is now for the gaming industry to catch this wave and create reality/transformational gaming. At the same time, social enterprise and sustainable development are the hottest topics around the globe propelling the growth of blogs like www.WorldChanging.com

Who Will Play
The first audience will be those who already care about international development, followed by strategy game enthusiasts who grew up playing games like SimCity and Railroad Tycoon. Beyond established gamers, comes the university and high school audience. Village also has promise in the casual download market that is currently dominated by women over the age of 30. Popular games like Diner Dash prove this audience loves games that let them help others.

Village offers a powerful, meaningful, and lucrative bridge between gaming and reality. Given all the possible strategic alliances with companies and nonprofits, and the reality trends in film and TV, Village is poised for gaming history.


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